Writer, Director, Event Producer

The Seeing Place Theater


The Seeing Place Theater


I spent a year as an ensemble member of The Seeing Place Theater and studied writing, directing and producing while making impactful and intimate art. Their name comes from the Greek word “theatron” which translates to “the place we go to see ourselves.” This philosophy shaped my studies with them. Here are some highlights:

  • Worked with the ensemble to co-write an adaptation of Albert Camus’ The Stranger into a full length play. In the writing process, we focused on elements of sensory experience to translate Mersault’s internal sensations to an audience. Combined traditional text analysis and dramaturgy with ensemble-based improvisation to create a wholly original retelling of Camus’ existential icon.Participated in weekly play readings of both classical and contemporary texts. 

  • Produced elements including securing sponsorship, grant research and fundraising through donors and special events. 

  • Furnished props & maintained costumes for the plays Boy Gets Girl and Boy’s Life.

  • Shadowed select rehearsals and dramaturgy from a director’s perspective for Othello, Boy Gets Girl, Boy’s Life and The Pillowman.