Writer, Director, Event Producer
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Three Months with Pook


Three Months with Pook


In 2014 I met Jack Feldstein at a reading of his play with the music by Melanie, Three Months with Pook. Afterwards, I spoke to him about the “visions” I was having during the reading. He simply said, “Well Lauren, you must direct it then!” So I did. Here are some highlights:

  • Directed + produced the world premiere as part of the 2014 HOT! Festival - The Celebration of Queer Culture at Dixon Place then again on the Dixon Place main stage in February 2015.

  • Reinterpreted Melanie’s songs to highlight the fluidity in sexuality and falling in love.

  • Directed a creative team including a music director and technical director.

  • Stage, prop and costume design to work within the special constraints of the Lounge during the festival and adapting the design for the larger main stage during the February performance. 

  • Actor management that focused on text-analysis, partner work and improvisation.